You can send us a cancellation request under the header 'Change or cancel' in 'My Trip' on our website.

Please note: if have you booked a flight with a “low-cost carrier” (for example Easyjet, Ryanair, Air Asia), you have to contact the airline directly to cancel your ticket. You can check if a low-cost carrier operates your flight in the ticket conditions.

  1. Sign in on 'My Trip' with your booking number (BBB-12345467) and your email address (the one you used to make your booking).
  2. Go to the header 'Change or cancel'
  3. Choose the option 'Cancel ticket' and follow the steps.

Please note: this is a cancellation request, your booking has not been cancelled yet!

Cancelling your trip will always involve costs. Depending on the ticket conditions of the airline, you have the right to receive a (partial) refund. You can read these conditions on your booking request acknowledgement under the header: 'View ticket conditions'

We will help you to calculate the costs of your cancellation and check if you will receive a (partial) refund.