Rebooking:   change of dates / the same routing.

Rerouting:    changes of dates and routing.

a.       with the same originating airport and the same destination  (transfer / stopover point has changed) -
          recalculation of ticket fare 
and/or taxes
b. with a different originating airport and/or different destination (whole route has changed) -
          recalculation of ticket fare 
and taxes


The following fare types exist: 

Published fares:                          available for every company with an IATA license
Nego(tiated) fares:                      available within the company / Travix only

Corporate/Account code fares:   available within the company / Travix only

A reissue has to be done in the same fare type; this means:   

Reissue published into published, nego into nego and corporate into corportate code fares


For which fare type / tax will the ticket be reissued?

  • Change before departure  (outbound not flown) 

    • Current fares

    • Current taxes 

  • Change after departure  (outbound flown) / change of inbound flight
    • Historical fares
    • Historical taxes
      • Current YQ and YR taxes
    Or the airline overrules these official IATA rules to be checked in the penalties