Checked luggage

A flight ticket can be with or without checked luggage. This is determined by the airline. 

Airlines can allow luggage in a "piece concept" (maximum of pieces/suitcases and weight) or a "weight concept" (maximum of total weight).

Often airlines use different terminology for checked luggage:

- Checked luggage / baggage

- Stowed luggage / baggage

- Check in luggage / baggage

In case of a weight concept, please inform customer that 1 bag/suitcase should never exceed 32 kg

Hand luggage

Every airline allows hand luggage. Airlines use different terminology for hand luggage

Carry on luggage / baggage

Hand luggage / baggage

Cabin luggage / baggage

General ruling hand luggage:

Often: 1 bag and 1 personal item

Personal item: under the seat in front of you

1 bag usually max sizes:  56 x 36 x 23 cm

Incl. handles & wheels

Where can a customer find information about luggage?

(see images underneath)

Before/during booking:

From the Search Results Page and throughout the booking flow

After booking:


In the My Account in the "luggage" section (here customers can also find  link to the airline's website to read all details regarding luggage)

Read here where you can find the luggage allowance in Traxx.


My Account:

During booking on the Search Results page: