In this article we will explain:

1.   Freshcaller

2.   Go online in Freshdesk for Freshcaller

3.   How is a call offered to my station?

4.   Pick up and add to an existing ticket or create a new ticket

5.   Create a remark in Traxx

1.   Freshcaller

Travix' telephony system is called Freshcaller. Freshcaller is a cloud based telephony system of Freshworks. 

You can activate Freshcaller when you are in Freshdesk, use the telephone icon in the vertical navigation at the bottom. 

Both Freshdesk (Email ticketing system) and Freshcaller are connected to each other, ensuring an omni-channel customer view for our agents (meaning you can see all contacts of the customer in 1 system)

2.   Go online in Freshdesk for Freshcaller

3.    How is a call offered to my station?

-    In your Freshdesk tab, you will get a notification if a call is offered to your station. 

-    You will also hear a ring tone in your headset. 

-    You need to pick the call up within 60 seconds. 

-    You will see the recent calls that the customer made to us, once you have answered the call. 

-    The Freshdesk ticket number is stated in the Freshcaller widget. 

4.   Next steps: create a new ticket

- Create a new ticket

- Click on the newly created ticket in your Freshcaller widget. (with the green tick behind it)

- A new window of Freshdesk opens with your newly created ticket opened.
- Adjust ticket properties :

    -     Type (what was the call about)

    -     Status = closed

    -     Booking number

    -     Assign to the right group

    -     Product (choose the brand)
- Update the ticket.
-    Close the new window and go back to your active Freshdesk window

5.    Create a remark in Traxx

A remark from a call:

C # <ticket number Freshdesk> <very short free text>

Only exception if you mention costs in an email or during a call, you can put the quotation there as well. 

Example: Pen 100 EUR + 50 EUR

This refers to the airline costs 100 euro + 50 euro admin fee from Travix. 

More info on Traxx remarks