Agent productivity on calls and emails can be measured in Freshdesk. 

Calls and Emails send are registered here. 

Calls are only registered if the agent has created a ticket from a call. 


If you want to measure your total contact center performance, you need to select all your agents. 

Where can you find the Agent Performance report in Freshdesk?

-    Go to reports

-    Go to productivity - report Agent Performance

Important to know!

Freshdesk reporting is based on timezone CEST, and is only possible to get reports on a full day. Not on hours.

How must I use the reporting?

-    Select the time frame 

-    Choose your agents

-    Select source: Phone to see calls

-    Select source: Email to see emails

Productivity on calls

-    Number of handled calls can be found in the column "Tickets Assigned".

Productivity on emails

-    Number of emails handled can be found in the column "Responses"