Freshcaller has a partly real-time dashboard

1.   Access the Freshcaller Dashboard by clicking the 'lightning icon'

2.   Select the queues you want to monitor:

Explanation of elements in the dashboard


Total calls --> total number of calls handled

Missed calls --> short + long abandons + not successful outbound calls

Abandon calls --> disconnected by the customer, outside business hours and hung up by the customer.

Voicemails --> total number of voicemails


In queue:

- You will see all customers that are waiting for an agent. This is the wait queue

- It will calculate the average wait time per queue (of the queues selected)

In conversation:

- All agents that are in conversation. 

- As supervisor or teammanager you can join a call by hoovering over the agent name. You will join the call muted. 


Available --> Agents are ready to take a call

Busy --> They are in conversation

After call work --> This is an automated status for 30 seconds after the call to wrap up. 

Offline -->  Not available for calls

The reports will be updated with this information as well. The following data will be shown:

  • There will be a split of abandoned calls in the live dashboard( Screenshot attached )

  • Call metrics excel file will now have a new status abandoned.

  • For each call in the abandoned status, we will have additional data in a new column " abandoned type" with the following values(Screenshot attached)

    • Abandoned(IVR) - Customer cut the call during IVR

    • Abandoned(Voicemail) - Customer cut the call after voicemail message started playing

    • Abandoned(Call Queue) - Customer cut the call in the call queue before ivr/wait queue

    • Abandoned(Ringing) - Customer cut the call when it was ringing to agents

    • Abandoned(Wait Queue) - Customer cut the call while in the wait queue

  • Call metrics tab in Freshcaller will also show the abandoned status on tool tip(Screenshot attached)

To make sure the data is refreshed automatically, install the Google Automatic Page Refresher:

1. Click on this link to and click on "Add to Chrome" --> "Add extension" to install the application

2. Once clicked the following icon will appear:

3. Click on it to set a time. Once confirmed it will refresh automatically after the set time and this will run continuously. This can be helpful for the monitoring of the agents via the available agents dashboard in Freshdesk.