Work instructions Call 2 Book

What is Call 2 Book?

With “Call 2 book” we offer special fares which can only be booked by phone. It’s not allowed to sell these fares online (we are only allowed to show them).

Live on:

Vayama: US, Ireland

Kayak: US

Budgetair: UK, Canada, India, New Zealand, Australia

Flugladen: Germany

CheapTickets: Germany

Benefits for Travix / customer:

  • Margins on these fares are higher then on published fares;
  • Fares are between USD100,- and USD150,- cheaper than published (online bookable) fares.

How does it work? (in short)

  1. Display of fares on our website and customer calls us via "special" phone number
  2. Agent searches the specific Call 2 Book link for the fare internally
  3. Generate link for customer to finish the booking
  4. Create e-mail including the booking link for the customer

How does it work for the customer?

If “call 2 book” fares are available for the itinerary requested, they will be shown in between the other, online bookable, fares and mentioned as “exclusive phone offer”. However no airline is mentioned and the “book” button is replaced by a “Call now” button.

When the customer clicks on "Call now" a side screen pops up with the phone number (for each website we have a different phone number)

Once the customer calls us, the agents can check the work instructions here on how to handle the request.