1.    In the top right corner, click on the drop-down arrow and choose 'New email'

(Don’t click on “New” because then you’re creating a new ticket which is not what you need.)

2.    'From' field: determine from which brand you need to send the email from and select it by clicking on the drop-down arrow.

3.    'To' field: add the customers’ email address (required)

4.    'Subject' field: add the subject field (required)

5.    'Description' field: add the:

-   salutation

-   canned response/email content (Select the canned response by clicking on the icon "Canned responses"

-   signature


Create the omni-channel by following step 6 - 8


6.   Choose the correct “Status” by clicking on the drop-down menu

7.   Select the applicable “Type” by clicking on the drop-down menu

8.   Add the “Booking number”

9.   Ignore the fields “Tags” you can leave it empty

10.   Send the email via the green “Send” button