Click here to learn what is a NON MOR booking?

When a NON MOR payment failed, it drops on the "failed NON MOR payments queue" in Traxx.

How to handle this Failed Non-Mor Payments queue in Traxx? Read the steps below.

1. Open the queue from your Traxx dashboard and select a booking.

2. Check if the booking is already cancelled/void and if the customer is already informed with the automatic email. You can check that in the "Documents & E-mail" part in Traxx.

  • No: continue to step 3
  • Yes: make sure to balance the financial to 0 and remove the booking from the queue by clicking "handle" followed by "Yes"

3. You can recognize a failed NON MOR booking by the failed supplier payment in the booking in Traxx.

4. Cancel the itinerary in the GDS with entry XI and save with ER.

5. Check if the PNR is on any queue with entry RTQ if yes, remove it from the queues with entry QXP/ALL

6. Void the booking in Traxx by clicking on "Actions" in the flight product; and then select "Cancel / Void"

Select "Cancel / Void flight product in Traxx?"

Scroll down and select "Void" and "No". After that, click on Void again.

7. Cancel the non flight products in the booking (such as a Premium Package, baggage etc.) Go to "Actions" in the order details and click on "Cancel non-flight product(s)" 2x.

8. Balance the flight product in the financials to 0 to make sure you only have the amount to be handled in the payments field left. Find out here how to do this

9. Cancel the failed NON MOR payment by clicking on the X.

10. Refund only the Travix payment. (Please note, there is not always an MOR amount to refund).

10. Click on the orange amount in the "Financials" field which is still open.

11. There are 2 types of blue buttons:

  1. "Yes, initiate payback" --> click on it and the refund will automatically be done.
  2. "Yes, send to manual queue" --> click on "No" and assign the booking to the Traxx queue "CSC Ogone" for the refund to be processed. 

12. Go to FreshDesk and check if the customer has already send us an email. 

    If yes; reply to the email with the canned response: "EMAIL: Failed booking NON MOR" and make sure to close all open tickets for this customer.

    If not; send an outbound email and use the canned response: "EMAIL: Failed booking NON MOR".

13. Remove the booking from the Failed Non-Mor Payments queue in Traxx

14. Add a remark in Traxx: E#<freshdesk nr> Failed NON MOR