As the auto rebook in Traxx did not work, you need to rebook in Worldspan.


Check the booking OID in Traxx and emulate if necessary   

Book the flights as per the flight itinerary information in Traxx 


 2. Make a quote for the lowest possible price with: 4PLFB@FSR#EEUR and  check the ticket fare to compare with Traxx

4PLFB@FSR      - Get the lowest price and rebook your itinerary to the correct class

Optional:            4PLFB@FSR#EEUR#/@@accountcode

#EEUR                 - Make the quote in the currency of the customer

#/@@xxxxx        - Add your corporate code (see Traxx) 


3.  Is the ticket fare within our margin?  Create the PNR with the following mandatory information:

  1.        Lastname/firstname.gender@DDMMMYY@

  2.        Click My Links and  OOB (use    = Tilde, NO Enter)   



  1. Fill in the script       
    You can find the dispatch consolidator in Traxx

            You can find the account code in Traxx   

  • If no code type X

  • If securate than type securate.

  1. The PNR is completely created:      

4.  Create TST via entry:  4P*FSR#EEUR    and finalize with ER


If necessary: after imporation in Traxx:

5.  Overrule the TST in the currency of the issuing OID / Dispatch locationemulate if necessary and create TST with entry 4P*FSR (+optional info) otherwise the tickets won’t be issued by automation