As the auto rebook in Traxx did not work, you need to go to Worldspan.

1. Determine if you should cancel the booking based on the following information:
    - What is the total booking amount? If the amount is high, try to rebook (despite the departure date).
    - Is the departure date more than 3 weeks away and the total booking amount is not too high? Cancel the booking and 
send the customer an email from Traxx.
    - Is there no availability, cancel the booking and 
send the customer an email from Traxx.

2.   Check in which office ID the booking should be created (you can see this underneath the flight itinerary in Traxx).

      Check the dispatch overview to know which My Link to use for each booking office.

3.   Book the flights as per the flight itinerary information in Traxx.

4.   Create the PNR with the following mandatory information:
    - Lastname/firstname.gender@DDMMMYY@
    - The OOB MyLink (never use ENTER but  ` ~)
        You can find the dispatch consolidator in Traxx
        You can find the corporate code in Traxx (if no code type X)

        If securate than type securate.

5.   Make a quote for the lowest possible price with: 4PLFB@FSR#Eeur#/@@corporatecode

4PLFB@FSR  - Get the lowest price and rebook your itinerary to the correct class

#Eeur            - Make the quote in the currency of the customer

#/@@           - Add your corporate code (see Traxx) 

6.   Store your price / TST with 4P*FSR#Eeur#/@@corporatecode

7.   Compare the price with your Traxx order.

!Important note: GDS orders for BBE + CBE never send a paylink, this is against the law in Belgium!

8.   Add special OOB remark in Traxx