In case of OOB bookings, regardless if the PNR is manually booked in Amadeus or Worldspan, you will need to compare the price of your manually created PNR with the expected price in Traxx to know what to do next.

There are 3 scenario's:

1.   The price is the same

  1. Import your PNR into Traxx via Actions --> Import flight

  2. Retry fulfillment

  3. Automation will take care of the rest

2.   The price is a little bit higher

  1. €50,- or lower per ticket → we waive at all times
  2. €50,- or more? You need to check:
    • Departure date quick departure (within 2 days) we can waive more
    • Departure this week, update MAX EUR100 per order.
    • Number of passengers in the booking
    • Total payment, how much did the customer pay in total? On expensive orders a higher amount can be waived

3.   The price is a lot higher

  1. Send a paylink to the customer
    !Important note: GDS orders for BBE + CBE never send a paylink, this is against the law in Belgium!

  2. Search for an alternative and email this to the customer.
  3. Cancel the PNR, cancel the Traxx order and refund the customer.
    • Cancel the flight product
    • Set the price of the flight to 0,00
    • Cancel all non-flight products
    • Refund the full amount to the customer.