On the top left of the screen next to HOLIDAY you see vacation. 

Vacation is the type of absence that is automatically selected by the system as it is the most popular request. 

By clicking on the arrow down you can select any other type of leave that is requestable. 

Underneath you find 3 boxes:

- Requested; the number of hours requested, but still pending for approval

- Remaining; the number of remaining days as a balance you have left

- Approved; and the number of hours currently approved.

The list right underneath summarizes all the requests processed in the year you are currently looking at. The list includes both pending items, declined and approved items completely. 

On the right, just above the calendar itself you will find this years date. By using the arrows backwards and forwards you can jump from year to year. This could be useful to reflect on last year approved and rejected requests. Or in case you like to see what the booking for the early part of next year is. 

The calendar itself will be updated automatically to show which types of absences are requestable and when. If the background of the dates are white, the type of absence is requestable. A blue selection box will appear as you hover of the days that will allow you to select a specific date to request time off. If you hover over one of the grey days, this is where the system has been blocked and does not allow holidays or any type of absences to be processed for the currently selected activity. These rules have been set per activity uniquely.