1. Log into Injixo ME and navigate to Time Off in the very top

  2. Choose the type of absence you are requesting time off for

  3. Check if that specific type of absence is requestable in the period of time you want
    To put a request through, either click on the direct date of use the blue “Request Time Off” button
    Both options trigger a pop up.

  4. Choose to process a full day request or a part day request.
    1. A full day --> 1 day or longer period. Indicate by selecting the appropriate start and end dates. 
    2. A part day -->if you require only part of the shift off. Select the appropriate date and the corresponding start and end time of the request.

  5. Hit the “Create Request” button to send out the request.

  6. You will be notified by the Traffic Manager when you request has been approved or declined.