1. Log into Injixo ME and navigate to My Calendar in the very top.
    Go through the calendar, to check if a shift is eligible for swapping (indicated by the "crossing arrows button")
  2. To initiate a swap, click on the crossing arrows button next to the date. 
  3. The shift swap is initiated and visible to other agents.

Recognizing available shifts and offer your shift as shift swap.

  1. If you can swap the shift, the icon of the relevant day within your 7 day agenda will change into a target button.
    The target icon means that you can cover each others shifts based on you skills and the duties that are on each of the schedules as well. 

  2. Click on the target button to review the shift and get more information

  3. After you have made an offer on the shift, the target button will change into a green target. 

Assuming that the offer has been made, we go back to the first agent to see how you are notified about a return offer.

  1. Notifications are shown in the Notice box on the dashboard.

  2. To accept the shift swap, click the accept button in the pop up screen. 

  3. The shift swap will automatically be send to the Traffic Manager for verification. 

  4. Once approved by the Traffic Manager, the swap will be updated in both schedules /calendars.