When you are in the calender, you can initiate a shift swap in Injixo

A menu will appear, where your shift is made visible. For extra details click the i in the schedule for activities of that shift.

- Select the dates you wish to swap (multiple days at once is possible)

        - A single shift: f.e. to change the timing or activities on that specific day. Or to request someone to take your shift in return for a day off. 

        - Multiple shifts at once: f.e. to swap a working day and a day off at once, with someone who has the opposite schedule.  

- Hit the "Swap" button, and leave a short note 

- The request is send out right away (visual 2)

At the same time of initiating the shift swap, you can also add a comment into the schedule that you are swapping. For example, what swap you are looking for (early shift/day off/late shift) or reason for swapping. The comment is then tagged to the shift itself.