1.    Remember the ticket number of the customers email

2.    Choose the "new email" option in New Ticket

3.   Create the new email

- Select the correct "from" address 

- Status = closed

- Group = same as the "from" you have just selected (f.e. from is cheaptickets.sg, than the group is cheaptickets.sg)

- Type = what is this ticket about?

- Booking number

And then SEND

4.    Merge your outbound email with the inbound customer email

- be in the outbound ticket (this is where you will land after you SEND it)

- click on merge

- side panel opens

- search on ID (ticket number) or contact (email address customer)

- 2nd ticket is found, add the ticket by clicking on the "green plus"

- make sure the customers email is the "primary ticket"

- Click continue on the bottom of the side panel

- Click on merge on the bottom of the side panel.

5.   Tickets are successfully merged when you see a "private" note in the Customers Ticket. 

6.    Make sure, the customers ticket is CLOSED! (you need to do this manually, after merging)

7.    When there is a respond to the outbound email (from the airline or consolidator), the ticket will be open again, and

distributed to the first available agent who is live for ticket assignment.