The aim is that all elements in a PNR have the status HK, which stands for OK.

By updating the status of (flight) elements in a PNR, there is communication between the airline and Travix, most of the times in case of an Airline Schedule Change.

The airline informs us by changing e.g. a flight status from HK into TK.

After the customer is informed and has agreed, the PNR needs to be updated in order to inform the airline.

In one entry, both flight segments and general fields (SSR’s) will be updated:

Entry in Amadeus:              ERK

Entry in Worldspan:            EWGR

Overview of possible flight status:

Status codeDescriptionMeaning
HKHolding confirmed
OK status
HNHolding need
On request
HXHolding cancelledFlights are cancelled by the airline
Confirmed on request

KLConfirmed from waiting list

NNNeed need
On request
NONot operating
No action taken on the segment
PNPending need
On request
TKTo confirm
New scheduled times in OK status
UCUnable closed
No availability, waiting list closed
Flight does not operate
USUnable for sale
No availability
WKWas confirmed
Flight segment has been changed