ETD = European Travel Directive

In the essence ETD is a directive (law) that defines what a travel package is and what right customers have towards their booked trip. 

The directive has an impact on accountability of the package, and also on change & cancellation procedures

What is a travel package for Travix?

A package is a combination of at least 2 travel services (transport, accommodation or other travel related services such as car rental)

- Full Package: flight combined with an inflow car "product". Made via Paxport (former Multicom solution, also Dynamic     Packages)

- Lite Package: Flight booked, and within 24 hours after flight booking, a product has been added (via cross sell or my account)

What does "accountability" mean?

Customer support for all trip elements

- Full customer support for all "elements" in the booking (not only on flights)

- We need to provide a solution to the customer (we can use the supplier for this)

- We cannot refer them to the supplier

Responsible in case of bankruptcy of one of the suppliers

- We are responsible for the full package

- We need to refund the FULL amount or provide alternative at our costs. 

Repatriation in code red or other extreme cases

- When volcanoes, earth quakes or terrorist attacks occur, we have to take care of repatriation of our customers to a save area or back home.

Full refund if one trip element is cancelled or not supported from supplier

- When part of the trip is cancelled or not supported we have to provide full refund to the customer.