1. When logging in for the first time, navigate to https://www.injixo.com/login in your browser, and select the option "password forgotten" at the bottom. 

  1.  Enter your personal Travix email address and select "send instructions".

  1. Check you Travix email account for a message from Injixo and follow the instructions.

        If you did not receive a message from Injixo, check you spam folder. Otherwise contact your Injixo administrator. (Avinash Babu or Gioia van Eck)

  1. Enter your own personal password, confirm and save. 

        This will be the new password for you to login in your personal Me-Injixo environment. 

  1. For easy logins, add Injixo as bookmark to your Okta account. Navigate to https://travix.okta-emea.com/app/UserHome# 

  1. Make a search for "Injixo" in the Launch app in the top blue bar and select "Search app catalog"

  1. Because Injixo has not yet launched an app, add Injixo as bookmark instead.

        To add Injixo as a bookmark, search for [Injixo] in the white menu bar on the left hand side indicated by Search for an app. Select the green button "Add a bookmark instead". 

  1. A pop up window will open, enter [https://www.injixo.com/login] in the app sign in URL bar and "Injixo" as app name. 

        Leave the box for "Ask Travix International B.V. - Prod IT to add this app" unticked. 

  1. Now add the Injixo bookmark with the green Add button. 

        From now onwards you can easily access Injixo via Okta.